Join us for the annual SPCP Conference in Las Vegas September 17-20, 2014.  Presentation and poster proposals may be submitted online.  Register for the conference online before July 15 and receive a discount.  Discounted hotel reservations will be available until our room block sells out or August 26.  More information

Confronting Family and Community Violence:  The Intersection of Law and Psychology.  APA and ABA are joining together to co-sponsor this continuing education national conference in Washington, DC, May 1-3, 2014.  More information

Without Conscience: Psychopathy and its Implication for Criminal Justice and Mental Health
Join presenters Dr. Robert Hare, Dr. Matt Logan, and Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole to discuss psychopathy and learn practical applications of theory, including what makes psychopaths tick, and how to interview and assess psychopathy at this conference in Austin, Texas, May 13-14, 2014.  More information

The Association of Threat Management Professionals will hold their annual conference at the Disneyland Resort Hotel, August 12-15, 2014.  This conference will provide education regarding the nature of stalking and threatening behavior, and will provide practical methods for managing threatening situations based on current research.   More information about the conference  The ATAP Dr. Chris Hatcher Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to  a student or students  in the upper level undergraduate (Junior or Senior) or graduate level program.   More information about the award

Welcome to the Website of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology is an eclectic professional organization that encourages the scientific study of police and criminal psychology and the application of scientific knowledge to problems in criminal justice. It focuses on law enforcement, judicial, and corrections elements in criminal justice. Members of the Society study the full range of human behaviors, motivations, and actions within the framework of the criminal justice system.  Consequently, it encourages input from psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, lawyers, police officers, corrections personnel, and any other professional having a concern for the criminal justice system.


40th Annual SPCP Meeting

Conference information

The 39th annual meeting of the Society held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 25-28, 2013 was wonderful.  Conference program

The Asian Conference of Criminal and Operations Psychology (ACCOP) was a tremendous success.  More information